The best word I can use to describe Matt and Sherrie’s wedding is quite simply … Dreamy …  You’ll know why in just a second.

Surrounded by family and friends from near and as far away as Scotland and America, Matt and Sherrie tied the knot and hosted their reception at the beautiful, and newly renovated, Hahndorf Resort.  The highlight of their ceremony was releasing 6 butterflies to symbolise the bringing together of their two families – a touching sentiment which gave light to some rather unique photos.

I have photographed couples on their wedding day together with prized possessions and much loved pets – cars, dogs, cats – but this day was reserved for something quite spectacular and a first for me.

Following the ceremony we returned to their property which is only a couple of minutes away from the resort.  Apart from of course, her husband, the other love of Sherrie’s life is her treasured Friesian horse ….. Dreamy.  Dreamy had been meticulously groomed and prepared by Sherrie’s friends and was to play a leading role in this wedding photo shoot.  She looked simply amazing.

Bear in mind that this day turned out to be a stinking hot Adelaide summers day reaching around 38 degrees (c) but nothing was to get in the way of achieving some of the most unique photos I have ever taken for a wedding.  Sherrie had chosen her dress specifically with this shoot in mind and being able to mount her horse for a few of the photos.

I had so much fun capturing these special memories and now I look forward to designing their one-of-a-kind wedding album to complement what was, the most amazing day. Thank you to both of you for putting your faith in me.

Second photographer acknowledgement:  My wonderful friend Ali from Shoebox Photography.

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