Alison and Peter were married in a beautiful ceremony which was celebrated right in their own back yard.  In fact, they had barely moved in by the time their wedding day arrived having purchased the house only a matter of weeks before.

Theirs was an intimate late afternoon celebration joined by their closest friends and family.  It was an absolute joy to capture.A&P-3A&P-2A&P-6A&P-5A&P-8A&P-9A&P-14A&P-10A&P-16A&P-17A&P-23A&P-19Blog 4Blog 5Blog 2A&P-13Blog 7A&P-24Blog 6A&P-27A&P-28A&P-31Blog 8A&P-35 A&P-38 A&P-40 A&P-42 A&P-43 A&P-45 A&P-47 A&P-48 A&P-50 A&P-51 A&P-49 A&P-52 A&P-53 A&P-56 A&P-55 A&P-57 A&P-58Logo low res new 2015AIPP block email and blog resize

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