Heading north out of Vientiane, and quite literally on the road to China, drive for anywhere from 3 to 4 hours and you will arrive at a little place called Vang Vieng.  This little slice of paradise boasts one of the most picturesque and surreal riverside landscapes providing breathtaking views.

Vang Vieng lies on the Nam Song River but the most notable feature of the area, and the view of which I speak, is the karst hill landscape surrounding the town.

During my brief, but event filled stay, I had the pleasure to be hosted by a wonderful lady called Rachel.  Rachel has been living and working in Laos for some 22 years – she is married to a Lao and together they run two hotels in Vang Vieng.  The Silver Naga and The Elephant Crossing Hotel; the latter of which being where I gladly laid myself to rest each night.  It was also Rachel who kindly offered to drive me to Vang Vieng and also lead me on a guided morning walk through the seasonally dry rice paddies across the river, and also took me on a drive through the local villiage communities.  I seriously wouldn’t have had the same amazing experience had it not been for, not only Rachel’s knowledge of the area, but also her fluency in Lao with which she would converse with the villiagers and explain why this crazy western woman wanted to point a camera in their faces!!

My blog post of Vang Vieng has taken on a two part presentation.  The first, being this one, shows a little of my road trip, the township and surrounding landscape, as well as what Vang Vieng has to offer its many visitors.  Canoeing, tubing, walking and not to mention hot air ballooning – but more about that one in my next post.

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