I am often asked about where the best place is to have family photos taken.  I stead of answering, I ask the following questions:

Where do you feel most comfortable? and;

What do you love to do as a family?

I have had the pleasure to watch this beautiful family go from two, to three and now four!  Their ‘happy place’ is a gorgeous park area which is a short walk from their home and, in fact, acts as their ‘front yard’.  They can take their children to run and play safely and there’s plenty of space to kick a ball.

This is what I call ‘Lifestyle Photography’ because it is all about you, your family and your lifestyle.  It’s about capturing you and your family at your best.  It may be the beach, it may be the park or it may be your own home.

Thank you Hugh and Kate for allowing me this special privilege.


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