This is a blog post I’ve been truly looking forward to putting together and telling a wonderful story.  This is the essence of what I do with my work and the chapters that bind together in the story of love, life and happiness.

I first met Prabin and Anisha about three years ago at a business network meeting.  Since then, we have worked for each other in our selected fields – me for them for corporate photographs and them for me in helping to build my on line presence with their business VIS.

I was thrilled to learn last year that they were expecting their first child and so the date was set for the start of their story journey.  Now, 5 months later, we have completed three chapters; their pregancy, the birth of their son Jai and more recently, Jai’s Rice Feeding Ceremony.

Prabin and Anisha are Nepalese.  They have been working tirelessly over the past weeks in the wake of the tragic earth quakes which hit so close to home for them.

It is therefore my absolute pleasure to bring them this good news story in the hope that they may find peace and brightness in what have been such dark days._MG_0037-2_MG_0058 _MG_0056 _MG_0143 _MG_0117 _MG_0201 _MG_0250 _MG_0395_MG_0301 _MG_0278 _MG_0317 _MG_0337 _MG_0340 _MG_0355 _MG_0287_MG_0018 _MG_0023 _MG_0027 _MG_0037 _MG_0034 _MG_0046 _MG_0052 _MG_0124 _MG_0108 _MG_0106 _MG_0103 _MG_0097 _MG_0091 _MG_0080 _MG_0077 _MG_0076 _MG_0069 _MG_0061 _MG_0134 _MG_0151 _MG_0154 _MG_0171 _MG_0176blog

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