I often get asked if I photograph private or corporate events.  The answer is “absolutely, yes!”  In fact, I love working at events capturing the detail, the special moments and the overall atmosphere.

This event was for a very special client and long standing Adelaide family business, Collins Adelaide, who celebrated their 50th Anniversary in August this year with a gala event at the Adelaide OvalIMG_0068IMG_0067_MG_0035_MG_0113_MG_0054_MG_0072_MG_0021_MG_0108_MG_0106_MG_0099_MG_0038_MG_0040_MG_0274_MG_0287_MG_0280_MG_0273IMG_0017_MG_0316_MG_0333_MG_0325_MG_0348_MG_0350_MG_0352_MG_0367_MG_0355_MG_0359_MG_0370_MG_0413_MG_0418_MG_0421IMG_0074IMG_0027IMG_0028IMG_0104_MG_0456_MG_0460IMG_0096IMG_0111IMG_0133IMG_0130AIPP block email and blog resize


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