If you ask your parents or even grand-parents to show you their wedding photos, chances are they will bring out their wedding album.  You can see it, you can hold it, you can smell it.  You can open the pages one by one and see a beautiful story unfold.  It will, over time, show its age after countless times of being lovingly looked through by family and friends.  It is a family heirloom that will capture a moment in time and a day in the life of your family history.

It’s no secret that today, the majority of wedding photos are delivered as high resolution jpeg files accompanied by a personal print release – which, for the current technological climate, is of course wonderful to have.  The same goes for me, I too will deliver your photographs as digital files and I am happy to do so.  But I want you to think of this for a minute.

You receive these beautiful photographs on USB or disc…….. what do you then do with them?

I advise all of my couples to first of all make multiple copies of the photos and store them in different locations.

Then, I advise them to print, print, print.  Make at least one tangible print of each photograph.  If they want to make an enlargement for printing and framing for their wall, I advise only to use the best photographic lab available to them in their city or state.

Many have created coffee-table photo books which is also a lovely idea.  Not always super print quality, but nice to have.

I can’t guarantee how long your digital files will last.  Truth be known, I can’t guarantee the security of my own storage – hard drives fail all the time, that’s a reality.  Be rest assured that I do make multiple copies of all my client files.

Now I want you to think again about that wedding album belonging to you parents or grand-parents.  How much did you enjoy paging through the album and smiling at how they looked.  Now think about your own wedding photos (if you are already married of course!).  If you have the digital files, have you created anything from them.  Generally, and very often, the answer I get is “we have just been too busy” or “we’re going to get to it in the Christmas holidays”.  Hmm, which year would that be?  Many people I have met have never printed any of their digital files – some have printed a few to give as gifts – some may have produced an inexpensive coffee-table book.  They just don’t seem to get around to it.

On your wedding day, I am so much more than just your professional photographer.  I am your story teller.  I am documenting the beautiful and amazing story of the day you marry your partner, your best friend, your lover.

Next to that, when designing your wedding album, I am creating a visual and tangible representation of the chapters that hold that story together.

You will see it, you will hold it, you will laugh, you will cry and you will love that day, again and again and again.

I will always give you the option to choose whether or not you would like me to design your dream wedding album, your heirloom, your story.

Oh, and just imagine the day your children see it for the first time._MG_0641 _MG_0643 _MG_0647IMG_0339 IMG_0338 IMG_0335 IMG_0328 _MG_0654 _MG_0658 IMG_0329 _MG_0656 IMG_0330 IMG_0331 IMG_0332 IMG_0333 IMG_0334IMG_0337AIPP block email and blog small

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