Words cannot describe how beautiful this wedding day was and how equally wonderful both Jason and Sandy are together.  Their wedding day did not only bring two people together, but it also brought two cultures together.

Sandy’s Vietnamese culture was celebrated with a traditional Tea Ceremony while Jason’s Greek culture was celebrated with the traditional Crowning Ceremony.

I can’t even begin to express how thrilled and honoured I feel to have been given the charge and privilege to capture this momentous day for them and for both of their families.  Thank you to everyone for making me feel so welcome.

I would like to make a special mention to the staff at Kooyonga Golf Club for your kindness and helpfulness.  I would highly recommend this venue – oh, and did I mention the fabulous food!!

I am also every grateful to my colleagues in the professional photography industry here in Adelaide who often help me out during these large photo shoots.  These are the people upon whom I can rely to work with me and produce outstanding work.  Thanks on this day to Alex of Shoebox Photography.

To Sandy and Jason, my very best wishes to both of you for a loving future together. Blog 4Blog 2Blog 5Blog 6Blog 7Blog 8Blog 9Blog 10Blog 13Blog 14Blog 54Blog 17Blog 20Blog 16Blog 11Blog 12Blog 15Blog 55Blog 23 Blog 56 Blog 53 Blog 57 Blog 18Blog 22 Blog 21 Blog 19 Blog 24 Blog 25 Blog 26 Blog 59 Blog 28 Blog 27 Blog 58 Blog 30 Blog 29 Blog 31 Blog 33 Blog 32 Blog 34 Blog 35 Blog 36 Blog 37 Blog 38 Blog 39 Blog 40 Blog 41 Blog 42 Blog 43 Blog 44 Blog 45 Blog 46 Blog 47 Blog 48 Blog 49 Blog 51 Blog 52 Blog 50

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