This is a blog post I have really been looking forward to sharing and one that I feel requires very little words of introduction.

During my stay in Vang Vieng, I had made mention to Rachel, my host, of my interest in the local people.  Who are they, what sustains them, where do they live….  The questions were never ending.

On what was a relatively short road trip, Rachel offered to take on a drive to a local tourist attraction know as the Blue Lagoon.  I have heard about, and seen pictures on the internet about the lagoon but it was what I saw along the way that absolutely sent goose-bumps through every pore in my being.

As I sit here in Kuala Lumpur on my way home with a six hour stop-over, I am thoroughly enjoying emersing myself in all of these pictures and moreso relishing in the experience to have been amongst these kind, gentle and, from my experience, very happy people.  I hope you enjoy them too.

Keep an eye out for a shot of Rachel and a little ‘teaser’ at the end for my next post. 😉

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