Digital photography is available everywhere these days and for most of us, with technology being no further away that your left pocket, (considering of course, that you have pockets!!) it’s simply a matter of taking out your closest photographic device and point-and-shoot.

My question to you – is that really good enough for your corporate or professional image photographs?  To your potential clients and customers, your corporate profile photographs will say a lot about you and your business.

So, how is that mobile phone ‘selfie’ you took and put on LinkedIn?  Does that photo your friend snapped of you on the week-end really portray your business image and how you want others to gauge your professionalism?  Sure, it may well be a great shot but then what do you really have to compare it with?

Regarding your photographs, be they of you or of your products and services – How good do they really look?  How is the lighting?  Are they clear and sharp?  Did the person who took the photo, or photos, truly understand the fundamentals of how to light a portrait or product?  Have the photos been prepared and sized correctly for use on the internet?

Don’t get me wrong here, I am a huge fan and lover of mobile phone photography and with the instant information we now have access to, it’s perfectly acceptable to post an update on either Facebook or Instagram (just to name a couple); and why shouldn’t you.  It’s important for you to keep your customers engaged in what you are doing and to be up to date right to the minute.

What I am suggesting is to keep a ‘bank’ of professional images, taken by a professional photographer, and to update these images at intervals where significant change occurs in your business.  It could be a renovation, turn-over of staff, seasonal product changes or a special occasion product promotion line. Yes, this will incur additional cost but it really should be seen as an investment and inclusion into your marketing strategy.

Does all this really matter? In business, first impressions will be lasting impressions.  You be the judge – at the end of the day it’s not my business.

Group 1

Bovalina Olive Oil Group

Group 4

Leconfield – Home of Richard Hamilton Wines

group 3

Fenwick Design – Interior Design

Group 3

Porsche Centre Adelaide

group 2b

VIS Network

Group 2b

Swiss Wellness Skincare

group 1

Kennedy & Co Chartered Accountants

Group 5

SOON Marketing



Visit the AIPP website to learn more about photography accreditation

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